Sunday, April 1, 2012

Birthday Extravaganza

There are many reasons I could never be a Jehovah's witness, but the top one is that I LOVE birthdays! ( if you didn't know it, Jehovah's witnesses don't believe in celebrating birthdays). I think birthdays are the only time you celebrate only the person, and you get to show the birthday boy or girl how much he/she matters to you.
I love my birthday of course (and have been known to celebrate it for weeks), but I also love celebrating the birthdays of people I love, so when it comes to A, I go a little birthday-crazy...
This year is especially fun because he gets it. So the celebrations started on Thursday ( the day before his actual birthday) with cupcakes at school. On Friday, I thought it would be fun to have Mickey Mouse wish him a happy birthday on the phone (you can set it up on Disney Junior's website). He hated it! (his reaction --seen below -- is pretty funny!)

Friday afternoon, we went to the bouncy house with our neighbor and those two bounced away for two full hours! At night, we had a simple dinner with cake and gifts, he loved everything.

On Saturday, SleepyPapa's parents and aunt and uncle came for a birthday lunch. A was excited again. I am not sure why he had made up in his mind that they were bringing him a fire truck, and he kept talking about it. There were no fire trucks, but we had more cake  (I made a French cake called Fraisier, which turned out to be delicious -- what did people do before Internet recipes by the way?), and there were more presents... which he definitely enjoys... (note the small cars on the bottom of the picture)

Finally, on Sunday, it was time for the birthday party he had been waiting for since February... the kids' birthday party at MyGym! Those parties may be pricey, but it was well worth the money. The only things I had to do were: making cupcakes, ordering pizza, and making favor bags. The kids had an absolute blast, there was no fighting over toys, and no mess to clean up!

how many kids can fit in a ball pit?
I'm a little caked-out, and we're just a bit worried that Monday is going to be a big let down... but no need to worry too much because next week, it's all about egg hunting!!! That's right, life's just a big party!


  1. Happy, happy birthday A! We did the Disney Junior call for E. too but had it come from Jake. She was also very underwhelmed and when she hung up, she told me it was my mom. Um, not so much.

    Looks like a great birthday! We had E's 3rd birthday party at home and I vowed never again. I don't care how much we have to spend for an out-of-the house party, it's SOOOOO worth it! And My Gyms are great, so I'm sure it was a ton of fun!

    Enjoy the post-birthday quietness for a couple days before the Easter Bunny arrives!

    1. Thanks Jackie! As crazy as it sounds, the MyGym party was the most relaxing part of the weekend, I really recommend it!