Thursday, March 1, 2012

15 Awesome Things About my Kid

I am taking this right out of Momjovi's blog, because I just loved it on hers, and because I think it's great to stop and think about the good things, write them down to remember later, and to see how different things are down the line. So here are the first 15 awesome things I could think of about A.

1. He holds me tight and says "moi l'aime toi" (his own version of I love you) and claims I am his "copain" (buddy). I am aware that this won't last, so I enjoy it now!

2. He loves to help me cook and bake. He can pour, crack eggs, mix, and taste the batter. Most times, he doesn't even eat the result, but he likes the process. He can tell you the ingredients for crepes and what you need to make a pizza.

3. He can switch from French to English and vice versa, depending on his audience.

4. He has amazing motor skills! That kid can shoot a basketball, kick a soccer ball, and throw like nobody's business ( he certainly didn't get that from me.)

5. He is usually really good in restaurants.

6.He is an incredibly good traveler. He loves planes and trains, and has so far been wonderful to travel with, including on transatlantic flights.

7. He has a very interesting thought process, for instance he says that cats can't play with his toys "because they don't have hands".

8. He has an awesome imagination... Our house apparently has a ghost, but as long as you bring him food, the ghost will be nice. In the car, he pretends his feet are horses, they run, they want to eat, and they want to go potty.He also likes to pretend he is a kitten -- mostly to get my attention if I'm busy-- and he even purrs!

9. He has some of the strongest will I have ever seen in a human being, let alone in a toddler. He can turn down his favorite treats to make a point (see hunger strikes), and if he wants something, he does not back down.

10. He doesn't love everybody. He decides who he likes and dislikes. It can be a tough trait at times, but I also think it gives him a strong personality, and makes "the chosen few" feel like a million bucks.

11. He likes to be precise: a truck is a truck and a car is a car, don't try to call an SUV a car in front of him!

12. He is no dummy. Around Christmas time he was asking for a toy and I suggested we ask Santa, he answered "no thanks, I'd rather go to the store".

13. He has a great sense of humor and can laugh at himself. He will sometimes mimick himself to make fun of some of his not-so-good behavior. (oh and he also says that he comes in our bed in the middle of the night, it's to play a joke on us, ahah!)

14. He is incredibly careful, never runs into the road, and always asks to hold my hand in parking lots. He stays away from the oven when I open it, and doesn't get near the fireplace. I can pretty much trust him.

15. He just started making funny voices to immitate people, and he knows it makes me laugh.

Just a few things that make me a proud mama.
What are the things you love about your children?

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