Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweet Little Lies

Do you lie to your children? I am a big believer in telling the truth, I don't even think making them believe in Santa Claus is right, because I see it as a big orchestrated lie, but lately I have been resorting to a few little lies to help us get through the day. Am I proud of it? Certainly not! But I figure those won't work for much longer and right now they are convenient way to avoid big battles. Here are the lies I have been telling A:
- this week, I've been telling him I'm going to work in the morning, even though it's Spring Break. Why? Because it's an easy explanation to why he has to go to school
- many times after school, A asks to go to the library or to Barnes & Nolbe. If it doesn't fit into my plans, I sometimes say they are closed. (I have to say that, in our world, B&N keeps a very odd schedule) why do I lie about that? Because it's easier than fighting.

I think that's about it. So really, it's not that much, but is ANY lie acceptable?
Do you lie to your kids?

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