Friday, June 1, 2012

Starting Soccer

A few weeks ago, I saw a groupon for little kids soccer classes.  We did basketball and baseball classes at the Y before. He enjoyed basketball, but wasn't as fond of baseball. However, almost since the day he could walk, A's been running after a soccer ball, so I thought it would be fun to try soccer (or football as we Europeans call it).

So we started going three weeks ago, and our neighbor decided to try it too. When I first told A it was a class and that I wasn't going to be playing with him, he wasn't thrilled, but as soon as the class started, he didn't care one bit. The class is 50 minutes long, they mostly do games that involve running with a ball, and A loves every minute of it.
 It's so great to watch him have a blast, and laugh with the other kids! At the end of the first class, A said he loved it, but that next time, he would like a "shirt with a number, like the other kids". The other kids got a jersey when they enrolled, but since we're only doing the 4 groupon classes right now, we don't get one. So I went on a quest for the said "shirt with a number". What did I end up with? A Derek Jeter shirt from Target.

I know, it's the wrong sport, but A doesn't know that. I should add that I am not a baseball fan, and that my husband is a Twins fan (they don't like the Yankees too much...), so it makes his Yankees-soccer t-shirt even more comical. If we stick to soccer, I'll work on getting him a French team jersey, because they ARE the best (when they don't fall apart, call their coaches names, or head-butt Italian players.. ah!)

The biggest problem now, is that we only have two classes left. I will think about enrolling him when we get back from our France trip this summer. I hate to spend money on top of our Y membership, but A enjoys the class so much, it would be a shame not to do it. I guess they know what they are doing when they offer those groupons....

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