Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Double Win!

So much winning I'm starting to feel like Charlie Sheen! I have two things to brag about today, the first one:
You will never guess how much I paid for this pair of Gymboree PJs

1. they were on sale, down from $19.75 to $8.99.
2. Gymboree was having a special "extra 25% off all discounted items that day.
3. I had a 20% off coupon from a magazine.
4. I had a $5 rewards coupons for being such a good customer.

 and the total was....

...42 cents!!!!
I could not even believe it, you always hear about people getting great deals, but it never really happens to me, at least not to that extent. So, I am quite proud of myself .

My second reason to brag? A's birthday cake.
We celebrated A's second birthday with my husband's family on Sunday. I had bought a teddy bear cake pan at Williams Sonoma about three years ago (on sale), and decided to try it out this year.

 I followed the WS recipe, but the cake didn't come out quite right, so I had to improvise the decorations to cover up the gap between the two bear halves. I whipped up some chocolate buttercream and masked the problem. I created a little red jacket out of fondant, and tada.... here's the result.

I think it looked pretty cool, especially for a first try. The cake tasted really good too. Come to think of it, I may have tiger blood in me... Now it's on to the rest of the birthday celebrations...


  1. I love the cake! Impressive!


  2. Great buy! The cake is adorable too. Mike and I are really into Cake Boss on TLC and they use fondant all the time. Where do you buy it? Is it easy to work with? Happy birthday to A!

  3. Thanks Kelly! Shelby, I bought the fondant at Michael's and JoAnn's Fabric and yes, it was very easy to work with. This was my first try, but I would definitely use it again!