Friday, March 4, 2011

Take Me Home to "Socialized Medicine"...

I'm in a mood right now. I don't even know if I should write this post, because it's going to be an angry one. I'm angry at the health insurance system, and if I were to run into a tea partyier right now, or any of those anti "Obamacare" nut, I might just want to punch him/her.

A is sick again (don't you just love winter?), he caught a cold on Monday, on Wednesday he started coughing, and Thursday he was coughing so much I took him to the Pediatrician's - better safe than sorry is my philosophy, even if it costs me a $25 co-pay each time. The doctor checked his oxygen level and it was pretty low, it looks like he's having an 'asthma-like' reaction to his cold. So they gave him a nebulizing treatment there, which brought the oxygen levels back up quite dramatically, thereby avoiding a stay at the hospital, thankfully!
They then informed me that they had called a supplies company that would be delivering a nebulizer to my home. Well, that company called my home to ask me to pay $115 over the phone before the nebulizer could be dropped off. The doctor was nice enough to give me some samples of the medicine so I didn't have to go pick some up until the next day.
Today, we had to go back to the doctor's office to check on  A's oxygen levels (another $25). After that, I went to pick up the medicine, and my jaw dropped when the pharmacist announced $55 for a four-day supply!
 So by the time we go back to the doctor's on Monday for another check up (and another $25), we will have spent $245 on this little illness. I should remind everyone that I HAVE health insurance!
Does that sound insane to you? It does to me, especially since I come from France, with its scary "socialized medicine"...
Honestly, what is so scary about not having to worry about how much your sick child is going to cost you this time, so you can focus on helping him heal instead?

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