Monday, April 11, 2011

Bed Update

First, I must tell you that my blogging is suffering due to my new obsession with Showtime's series "The Tudors". The good news is that I am almost done with season 2, that poor Anne Boleyn is about to get her head chopped off, and it doesn't look like Netflix has season 3 available on instant play, so I'll be back to blogging during naptime shortly.

Now, to the matter at hand. it has been just a bit over a week since A started sleeping in his toddler bed and the result is pretty positive. He seems to like it, and after we are done our bedtime routine, he is happy to stay in his room (sometimes in the bed, sometimes in his armchair) and read on his own until he falls asleep. Last night, he played alone for about an hour until I went up and told him he should go to sleep, to which he didn't object. So after two rocky evenings, bedtime has gotten back to a pleasant event.
The nighttime part is still rough, but that is not due to the bed change, it's just carried over. It seems like A either wants to check that we're still there, or wants to see if it's time to come in our bed. He wakes up and calls for us, but as soon as one of us shows up and tells him it's still time to sleep, he lays back down. You may wonder why we play the game and go see him when he calls, but as I have explained before, we have tried letting him cry and it only works for a few days, then he's back to waking up again, so we've given up on it altogether.
Our new hope will come in a box from Amazon in a few days.... it's the Toddler "Ok to Wake" Clock.


 It's a clock that has a yellow night light, and once it's "ok to wake" it turns green. We'll see how that works...
SleepyPapa is getting pretty worn out from the lack of sleep, I'm fine and used to it by now, besides there's not much we can do about it, so I just suck it up and enjoy the days (and the Tudors!).

Have you tried such a clock? Has it worked for you?

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