Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Fun

Despite terrible weather (grey and rainy all weekend) we managed to have a fun Easter weekend. Saturday morning, we met up with our good friends who have a daughter A's age for the YMCA's breakfast with the Bunny.
A, who never wants to eat pancakes, gulped down at least two, then we were off to see the bunny, but SleepyPapa had to sit with him, because A was still a bit sceptical of that big rabbit.

This was followed by a nice egg hunt in the gym, which made it hard to leave, since A is obsessed with watching the men play basketball at the Y (he started basketball class at the Y this week, more on that later). That whole morning was followed by lunch at Five Guys... delicious!

Sunday, I had a great time hiding the eggs around the yard. I remember fondly having to look for chocolate eggs on my grand-parents' boat, so I want A to sense the same excitement. Our friends and their two sons came over for brunch. We started with the egg hunt because it started to rain, the kiddos had a blast.

 Every egg had a Lindt chocolate in it (as I've said before, I'm all for chocolate as long as it's GOOD chocolate.. no offense to my American readers, but that Hershey crap doesn't cut it for me). The kids ate a ton of chocolate while we enjoyed our brunch.
Now it's back to normal in our house, I put all the eggs away, and bought some more at half-price for next year. Did I mention I like egg hunts?

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