Monday, June 20, 2011


As much as I hate living here in the Winter, I have to admit that our area is quite nice once the weather gets better. One of the things Sleepypapa and I have always enjoyed is going fruit picking. So on Sunday, we got up and had a late breakfast, then decided to head out to a strawberry patch. A and I went strawberry picking earlier in the week.  We had fun, but the farm we went to didn't do anything to fight off the weeds, so it was tough to pick and A just stood there and ate the berries I picked.
So on Sunday, we decided to try a new farm. We found this great patch, the farmers are retired and just do strawberries and a bit of sweet corn. Their strawberries are organic, but they do some weeding, which made the patch more accessible, and the strawberries far more beautiful. Even A got into the picking!
and he got to check out the tractor...

check out those berries!

I got some rhubarb from my little garden, and cut up everything while A took his nap.

When A got up, we made a crumble together

he enjoyed eating some of it while we made it... who can say no to butter and sugar?


here's the result...

And do you think A had any of it once cooked?

Of course not, he had some raw strawberries and pizzelles...

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