Sunday, June 26, 2011

What We Do for Fun

Some people think that staying home with your kids is boring, but I think those people just lack imagination. Of course, we all need some adult interaction, but that's what playdates are for! Anyway, maybe it's because I know my days at home are numbered, but I am thoroughly enjoying it.
Here are a few of the things A and I have been doing to entertain ourselves (besides playing trucks, doing the dishes, going on the swing, and visiting neighbors, etc...).

- We go to the zoo with friends (gotta love that yearly membership!)
he loved milking the cow, but handing over the teats to the other kids was not really part of his plan...
 - We pick berries (but you already knew that)
 - We go feed the ducks at the village pond, then sit by the Mobil station to watch cars and trucks go by...

and sometimes we flash them....
And here's what I consider a perfect morning (that was Monday)
- we started out with breakfast on our deck (nutella anyone?)
- spent an hour or two playing cars, then headed to the pool
- ran a few errands (post office/ shopping), then treated ourselves to lunch at TGIF Friday's

- and A fell asleep in the car on the way home, can life get any better?

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