Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bilingual Update

This is a fun phase in our 'bilingual adventure'. As I have said before (raising a bilingual child), I am from France and my husband is from the US so we are teaching A both French and English. Up until now, he's mainly heard French, since I only speak French to him and I had found a French babysitter to watch him from the time he was three months old. But recently, as A's speech really starts to develop, so does his English!

A lot of time, he seems to think it's fun to repeat the English words that other kids or people say, but he's not just repeating, he also knows when to use which language. For instance, if he plays cars with me, he'll tell me the cars need "essence", but when he plays with his Dad, he knows to say "gas". This morning after his basketball class, the coach asked him if he wanted a ball, and he enthusiastically said "yes!". Obviously, for some more complex things, he is still a lot more comfortable in French, but I'm sure he'll be fluent in English in no time once he goes to preschool, then the hard part of keeping the French alive will start...

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