Friday, May 6, 2011

My Own Personnal Paparazzo

He may love his Dad, he enjoys other people sometimes, but for A right now, nothing compares to Maman! He wants to sit next to me at the table, often requests me to perform duties others have volunteered to do (putting his shoes on , taking him out of the car), with a very clear "non! Maman!" He also doesn't like me to leave him (there are just a few other people that he's really comfortable with and won't object too much to being left with.) He's definitely a mama's boy and just loves to follow me around, whether I'm cooking, getting dressed, taking a shower, or even, yes, going to the bathroom...

Do I get annoyed sometimes? Sure! I certainly would enjoy a few minutes alone in the shower without a little boy on the other side of the curtain handing me bath toy after bath toy to make sure I'm entertained... But it's not all that bad and it's kind of cute.
  1.  every child is different, mine likes my company above all else right now.. remember, he's only two, so what's the big deal?
  2.  if I am doing something else, or the request is ridiculous, I let him know (after all, I am not his "thing").
  3. he's becoming more and more independent and is starting to play alone a lot more.
  4. he's my personal paparazzo, I may sometimes get annoyed by the lack of privacy, but just like the Hollywood stars, I know that once the paparazzi are gone, I will miss them...
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