Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trip to Pennsylvania, part 2

Friday and Saturday of our trip were devoted to Sesame Place, or as A calls it.. "Cookie and Elmo's".  The first day A was, once again, a little overwhelmed, so I had to carry him and let him look at everything first. Once he had checked everything out, he was ready to try out the rides! Thankfully he takes after me and not after his Dad in this area: he loves the speed and motion!
His favorites?
the caterpillar
the planes
the tea cups (he couldn't get enough of them)
and the good old carousel

We had lunch there both days, he wasn't particularly into the fries, but definitely enjoyed the watermelon (I am not complaining!).
We broke up both days with a show. The first day, we saw Elmo's World, with Elmo and Mr Noodle. A is not a big fan of Mr. Noodle, but neither am I. His weird hair and mustache kind of freak me out. But A was sooo happy to see Elmo!
The second day, we saw "Monsters Rock!", a clever little show in which Elmo and the gang audition to be in a rock band. This is A before the show started:
and this is him once Cookie hit the stage:

Another of A's favorite thing from the park?
The dog he won at the arcade game. Look at how proudly he holds it! I know the stupid game costs five dollars, but in my opinion it was money well spent; the dog is now one of his favorite buddies and he proudly says "gagné" ("won") when he holds him. (I guess he got the competitive gene too).

We didn't go back after A's nap on Friday because the park was closing at 6pm, so it would have been too short. Instead, we found this awesome Amish market where they were giving free buggy rides, and the place had a swing set... what else could you ask for? For dinner we visited one of my good friends from grad school and her husband. They happen to live just minutes from our hotel, it was such a treat to see them!
On Saturday, we went back to Sesame Place after A's nap since the park didn't close until 8pm. At first, A just wanted to play with his new Elmo and Big Bird trucks:

Earlier that day, we did get a picture with Elmo (which was part of the package we bought). As soon as that was over, A turned to me and asked "Cookie?". We hung out around Main Street for a while hoping to catch the elusive blue monster, instead we found Zoe..
When we got back in the afternoon, all the characters were out, so I excitedly took A to meet Grover, but all A said to Grover was "Cookie?" Grover's handler told me that Cookie was at the very end of the street, but that they were all leaving soon to get ready for the parade. We hurried down the street..when we passed by the Count, I offered to stop, but all I got was "non! Cookie!". Sorry Count...
Finally we found Cookie hanging out with our old pal Zoe, A was thrilled!

After that, we went back on all of A's favorite rides, caught the parade and headed out to get some dinner.
What a blast this was! Our package included season passes, so I'm hoping to get back down there some time this summer and take advantage of the water rides. A already wants to go back, in part because he has a bit of buyers' remorse (he wants to trade in the Big Bird jeep for the Oscar garbage truck.) In the meantime, I downloaded the Sesame Street Album to my I-Touch and we are rocking out to Elmo and friends...

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