Thursday, January 12, 2012

Going to School

As I explained in yesterday's post, A started going to a little preschool in September. He started out going two mornings a week. He seemed to like it, but would always cry a lot when he got dropped off. SleepyPapa works near the school, so he's been on drop-off duty, and this crying business was very tough on him. The teachers said A was doing well, only cried for a minute after SleepyPapa left, and seemed happy. When I asked A at night what had been nice during the day, he would often say "school", but still, the tears kept coming in the morning. Things got a little better at one point, but shortly after, A got sick, skipped school a few days and it was back to square one.

We needed to switch him to four mornings a week for the Spring because my mom went back home and I will be teaching Monday through Thursday, but even though it's more school, it seems to make things a bit easier... A went four mornings in a row last week and day 4 of this week will be tomorrow. He still whines once or twice while getting ready in the morning, but happily jumps in SleepyPapa's truck, walks to his room without protest, and only once his dad says he needs to leave, tries to pretend he's crying.  In the afternoon, he tells me school was fun, but adds here and there that the teacher is "not nice", for good measure. (I think he knows he has to say something negative to support his whining). And... even though she's "not nice", he can't wait to show her his new shirts in the morning!

A concentrating at school

The bottom line is that four days a week seems to work better because it's more of routine, and there's no guessing whether it's a school day or not.

I think school is somewhat improving his social skills, he seems to get along fine with his classmates, and has even found a good friend. We have parent-teacher conference next week, so I'll find out more about his in-class behavior. What I really enjoy is that everyday we get a "toddlergram" which tells us how the day went, how the child behaved, how much he ate, and what his favorite activity was. A's favorite is usually "cars" or "outside". His behavior is often "happy, cooperative, chatty".

Overall I am really happy with our decision to send him to this little school, and I look forward to several more years there.

How old was your child when you first sent him/her to preschool? Did they cry? When did they stop crying?


  1. I agree with you 100 percent -- we had a lot of the same crying issues when E. was just going two days a week. Mostly because she went Mondays and Wednesdays. So Tuesdays she'd be off and out of routine for Wed, and then she forgot everything by Monday. Once we switched to four days a week, it was all smooth sailing. Now she's bummed when she's not there. Christmas break was too long to be away. Plus, she and I still get our mother-daughter Fridays -- to be honest, it's a perfect arrangement right now. Glad it's going better for you, too!

    1. Hi Jackie!
      I will be really happy when A is bummed about not going! And you are right, the Friday together is awesome!