Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Lunchbox Dilemna (I need Help!!!)

After a long break, I am going to try my hand at this again. The break was due to a crazy semester, during which I taught three 4-credit sections of French 201 at Syracuse University. I absolutely loved it, but it pretty much took up all of my time, and whatever was leftover was devoted to A... so the blog suffered.
A lot has happened since August.
- My mom came and spent the semester with us (because of the crazy workload). She really helped us out and it was great to have her with us.
- A started "school". In the fall he went two mornings a week, and my mom took care of him the rest of the time. This semester, my mom is gone, so he's going four mornings a week. More on this on a later post.
- A is potty-trained! (since October)
- we went to Orlando for a week (with no potty accidents) !

Anyway, to start things off again, I need all the help I can get. We obviously went from two lunchboxes to pack a week, to four, and A is a picky eater. So I am looking for suggestions.
Here are the parameters:
A does not like sandwiches or pizza
Meat is not allowed in the lunchboxes (not that he would eat it anyway)
They do re-heat stuff in the microwave for them

What I have been doing:
I have been alternating pasta that they re-heat, and a hard boiled egg and some bread. I also pack some baby carrots, a drinkable yogurt, some fruit and a fruitable juice box. He usually eats those fairly well.

I tried to change things a bit and packed some hummus and crackers yesterday. When I picked him up, he told me: "I ate all the crackers, but the hummus wasn't good, I like the hummus at home".
The other day, I packed some green beans (that he inhaled at home earlier in the week) and he told me :"I eat green beans at home, OK Maman?"
I am torn between continuing to try new things and just giving up and sticking to what works most days.

So, does anyone have any other suggestions? Should I just stick to what I have been doing?


  1. I wonder why he will only eat some of those things "at home?" Is there something that makes them taste different/look different at school?

    I think he will grow out of it. Give him what works and don't drive yourself crazy.

    But what do I know!!?? No kids here! :-) Good Luck!

  2. Hi Stacey, thanks for your comment. I don't think the stuff tastes any different, he just has his own ideas about what he eats, where. I am giving up trying to understand...