Monday, January 23, 2012

One of a Kind

I know every child is unique, but mine seems to be particularly intent on being different. If you think of something that kids are sure to love, there's a good bet he won't like it. It makes things tough sometimes, especially when we go visit people who try really hard to please him, and very little works.
He can also get excited about something, but if it doesn't match what he pictured, beware!
A's tastes are constantly evolving. When he started eating solids, he wasn't too difficult, but things he used to love don't work anymore, so here's a snapshot of his likes and dislikes:

What he doesn't like (in no particular order) :

- pizza
- mashed potatoes (and any thing mashed for that matter)
- soup
- chicken nuggets (not such a bad thing)
- most cakes
- sandwiches
- scrambled eggs
- pirates
- the zoo (so sad about that one!)
- dogs
- bouncy houses (expect after an hour of coaxing, and if he can jump with me)
- when I take pictures of him

his favorite pose when he seems the camera

What he (suprisingly) enjoys:

- sticky asian rice (particularly at sushi restaurants)
- broccoli and green beans
- hard boiled eggs and omlets
- pasta with ketchup
- playing with legos
- any type of car, truck, or construction vehicle
- bread with nutella
- Barnes & Noble

playing at B&N
- going to hotels and eating colored cereals there (cause he doesn't get them at home)
- Chick Hicks
- NASCAR racing (ugh! NOT happy about THAT!)
- Dunkin' Donuts chocolate frosted donuts with sprinkles
- Panera's candy cookie
- Lindt Chocolates (right now, snowmen and raindeer, but he won't eat santa because he's not a fan)
- a new found passion for popcorn
- vanilla ice-cream
- cats (so happy about that one!)

shows and books he enjoys this week:

- Chuggington, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (after being favorites for several weeks, Dinosaur Train and Jungle Junction have fallen out of favor)
- L'Automobile, Splat the Cat

Do your kids have surprising likes or dislikes? Do their tastes change from one week to the other?

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