Monday, January 16, 2012

What a Difference a Year Makes

We've had an incredibly mild winter so far, but real snow finally came this past week. Last year, A hated the cold, we had a terrible winter, and I was really getting claustrophobic inside our house;  this post is proof  I was about to lose my mind Cabin Fever . It's just amazing how a child can change in a year.
This is what is was like this weekend here:

It snowed pretty much all of Friday and into Saturday morning, but in the afternoon, we caught a break and A couldn't wait to go play in the snow! It was not sunny, but not horribly cold.

We did some sledding, ran in the snow, and made sort-of snowmen...

We convinced him to come back inside and had some hot cocoa afterwards. It was great!

The next day was incredibly sunny. I just love seeing this view of my backyard when I get up!

But it was also terribly cold: -2 F (-15 C). I wasn't sure that it was such a good idea to head outside, but A begged and begged. So we thought that if we didn't stay outside too long, and he was well bundled up, it would be OK. A usually hates putting clothes on, but he understood that it was necessary and didn't complain. I have to say that the hood I bought from One Step Ahead is really perfect: it covers everything other that the face, including the neck!

We played with trucks in the snow for a while, then got some sledding in. It was really hard to get A to come back inside, he didn't seem to mind the cold one bit. Such a drastic change from last year, when he cried within a minute of being outside. I like this a lot better! I can't wait for him to be a bit older so we can actually try to ski or go to a real sledding hill.

What do you do to make winter fun with your kids?


  1. I can't believe that cold. Man I remember those sub-freezing Syracuse days all too well. At least your yard probably doesn't have wind that whips around you the way it did on the Mount or by the Dome.

    Looks like so much fun! Hopefully one of these years, Mother Nature will do me a favor and give us a proper snowstorm in Pa when E and I go up for Christmas.

    Glad A is having fun! Looks like a blast!

  2. Hi Jackie,
    you're right, it's all about the wind chill... and I still have to treck up the Dome to go to work ;-)
    But yes, playing in the snow is fun, and we are lucky this year, because it's going to be such a short winter! The biggest problem here is usually how it drags on and on!
    I am sure E would have a blast in the snow, but I would still trade with you anytime for some fun in the sun!