Wednesday, February 15, 2012

His Own Style

I have many friends whose kids look like a daily fashion show, they dress them in adorable outfits everyday, have holiday-appropriate clothes, and the children are fine with that.
A has a ton of nice clothes, between the fancy French stuff my mom buys him and the cute Gymboree outfits I get him, this kid is all set. But does he wear any of it? I don't think so! A is his own stylist, and no one can tell him what to wear...
a closet full of clothes he won't wear

Most days, he insists on wearing his pajama top to school. I don't fight him on that because my main goal in the morning is to get him ready and happy to go to school on time, and a fight over clothes would probably make us late, and angry... Besides, his PJs are cute, so there's not a huge difference between that and a regular t-shirt. The only problem is that we probably got caught by the teachers last week, because last Thursday was pajama day at school... The only difference for A was that he got to wear his bottoms too!
When he doesn't wear his PJ top, he wants to chose what he's going to wear and I can never predict what he'll pick, except for his current favorite... A Run-DMC t-shirt I got at Old Navy.

his favorite t-shirt
 He has refused to wear any of the holiday-themed shirts I have for him, whether it be Christmas or Valentine's day. Button-down shirts are an absolute no-no. I have decided that for now, I am not buying him anything unless he picks it himself.
the holiday clothes he won't wear
I am wondering how I am going to dress him for his aunt's wedding this spring. It's in LA, but I still doubt a Run-DMC t-shirt would fly...

Should I be more forceful about the clothes? To me, that's a useless battle, if it makes him happy to look like a rap-fan, I'm cool with that.
Are you kids picking out their own outfits? Do you let them wear PJs to school? Are you strict about clothing?


  1. Oh I feel you. E. and I battle over clothes almost every single day. In her case, it's not a matter of wanting to wear the same article of clothing, just the same type. She wants to wear dresses, especially fancy dresses, every single day. And that's just not going to cut it at preschool, especially since she's always on the monkey bars.

    The only thing that started working for us was options. I lay out three (more sensible) options and she gets to pick which one she wants. The process takes awhile but it's better than the tears and fights we used to have.

    Good luck!

    1. I can see how fancy dresses might not work for preschool... I do the choice thing too and it works for the most part, but the choices have to include some of his faves, otherwise, he's not a happy camper. (did I mention that the school doesn't allow superhero anything, so I have had to make the batman and superman shirts disappear)
      this too shall pass!