Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Mardi Gras

It's been a rough start of the week for us, because A has a cold for the 100th time this winter. I thought that it would lead to an early nap on Tuesday, but that plan didn't work out, so after trying a little, I gave up. We played for a bit and then I remembered it was Mardi Gras.
In France we don't have elaborate parades like in New Orleans ( we used to, several centuries ago.. hence the celebrations in New Orleans), but kids still dress up and we eat crêpes.
A and I weren't going to dress up, but crêpes sounded like a good plan to both of us, so we got to work:
A measured the flour, cracked the eggs, poured the milk and stirred.

He lost interest when I started cooking them
( apparently the basketball hoop needed fixing)
, but came back around for the tasting part... He's always game for a nutella crêpe or two....

I love sharing my love of cooking with A!
And I'll share my crêpe recipe with you ( there are many variations, this is the one I happen to use)

- 1 1/4 cup of flour
- 5 eggs
- 2 cups of whole milk
- a bit of oil
- a dash of salt

Put the flour in a mixing bowl, creating a hole in the middle. Crack the eggs in the hole and mix in the flour slowly. Slowly mix in the milk, then the oil and the salt. Cook in pan over medium heat.
You can serve them with anything you like. A recommends Nutella, I like sugar and lemon, honey or jam. You can also be more adventurous, melt some chocolate, cut up a banana and add some chopped walnuts or coconut... just use your imagination!

 Bon appetit!

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