Friday, February 17, 2012

Just Plain Fun

Yesterday was one of those days where everything works out. A had a fantastic day at school. Some nurses visited the classroom and did a teddy bear check up. They let the children use real stethoscopes and give pretend shots to their stuffed animals, and best of all, they gave all the kids their very own gloves, surgical masks, and hats. A couldn't wait to put everything back on to show me!

Back home we had to take turns being the doctor and checking all the stuffed animals. Of course, many of them needed shots.

A took a little nap, and I was able to do some work. After that, we were ready to head out of the house. At first, I thought we would just go to Wegmans, since there is nothing left to eat in the house, but once in the car, I realized it was only a little after 4pm, which would give us plenty of time to do something really fun. So I offered to go to a bouncy house. He was game for it, so we headed to a place close by. It was my first time there, it's a bit more expensive than most places, but the upside is that it's only 5 minutes away from our house, and ... the price probably keeps many kids away (perfect for us).
We were alone for the better part of the two hours we spent there. There were four different bouncy houses. A agreed to check them all out, but there was no question in his mind which one he wanted to spend all his time on....

So we basically spent the whole two hours climbing up these steep stairs and sliding down this huge bouncy slide! It was exhausting (I am a bit sore), but what a blast!

A thanked me when we left, and he didn't even complain when we made a quick stop by the store on our way home.
That's a good day in my book!

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